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Jubilate is offered to students aged 8 and older from the 8 public schools that are east of George Town.  Our capacity is 60 for primary school students and currently 25 for high school students.

We do not choose our students or directly enroll families. Primary school-aged children are identified by School Counsellors &/or Principals, based on certain needs-based criteria, and whom they determine could benefit most from a programme such as Jubilate.

The high school programme, added in 2020, is coined 'Jubi Seniors' and designated for Jubilate participants who have moved on to high school but wish to continue with the programme and their instrument. 

Enquiries can be made to the School Counsellor or Principal at the below listed schools:

- Red Bay Primary School

- Prospect Primary School

- Joanna Clarke Primary School (previously Savannah)

- Theoline McCoy Primary School (previously Bodden Town)

- Edna M. Moyle Primary School

- East End Primary School

- Lighthouse School

Enrollment: Text
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